Sarah earned her Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, where she studied regulation of asymmetric cell division in the lab of Chris Doe. She carried out her post-doctoral research in Iswar Hariharan's lab at UC Berkeley, investigating growth regulation of the CNS during development. Sarah's hobbies include confocal microscopy and playing cards.


Conor earned his Ph.D. in Xiaowei Lu's lab at the University of Virginia, where he investigated the role of microtubule motors in regulating the planar polarity of auditory hair cells in the mouse. In the Siegrist lab, he is currently investigating how cell-intrinsic factors interface with nutrient signaling to regulate neuroblast proliferation during development. When not doing science, he enjoys reading (favorite novels: The Brothers Karamazov and Ender's Game), gaming, and amateur astronomy. He also prefers cats to dogs and, if given the chance to meet a historical personage, would love to chat with Julius Caesar.


Xin joined the lab as a graduate student in 2014. She is an excellent problem solver, a hard working member of the community, and an integral part of the lab. Xin directs the lab's social activities. She has an overwhelming interest in glia and also enjoys dressing up like her PI.